Early on in my awakening memories of Lemuria came to me.
I later met soul sisters and brothers from Lemuria and we helped each other heal. One of the things we healed was the trauma of the fall of Lemuria. A trauma that has followed me through all my lifetimes on earth until this lifetime.

To me, Lemuria is pure unconditional love. We lived in total harmony with each other, Gaia and all other living things. No one was separate from anyone else. We were all nature. We communicated with the flowers, the land and the sea.

When we first came to Lemuria, to Gaia, the flowers were here to welcome us. They had a deep inner knowledge and wisdom and we learned so much from them. They were our wise elders. They provided us with such unconditional love, beauty and healing. We cared for and nurtured them throughout their entire life course.

The water was also so important. Water was our life elixir. It nurtured us, it also provided us with ancient wisdom and knowledge. Life was created from water. It contained codes of pure love and energy, which we gratefully supplied our bodies, our vessels with. The water came directly from the source, from the Universe. We were all connected, in the Universe, in a more physical way than today. The water was transparent and shimmered in all colors.

There were beautiful crystals all over the country and we adorned ourselves with them to honor our bodies. Everything on Lemuria was total and absolute pure beauty.

My truth is that Lemuria will rise again on Gaia, in a different form than last time. That we are moving towards a world where love leads us and gets to be the biggest part. Where we love ourselves and therefor love each other, Gaia and everything around us. Everything starts and ends with our own healing and self-love.

My paintings contain the Lemurian energy and this energy helps you to open up your heart, to find the way home. To your heart, to love. We are all one.