I have always searched for my inner light. My inner calling. The reason why I am here on planet Earth right now. To be able to find that light and calling, a journey through the dark and wounded parts must first take place. Just like all souls who are here right now to create a brighter and more loving world, I have faced my deepest darkness. The pain is the same, it just manifests itself differently for us. Various wounds, various sufferings, various karmic cycles. This journey is ongoing throughout life, but it becomes easier to manage and the pain becomes less and less the more we transform and heal and the closer we get to the light.
One of my life missions this life is to fully heal my earthly karma and to love myself unconditionally. Another is helping others to self-love and conveying beauty as a tool to get there.

All my life I have been fascinated by beauty. Beautiful clothes, beautiful jewelry, beautiful people, beautiful colors, beautiful art, beautiful decor, beautiful flowers and beautiful nature. As an empath and highly sensitive, I can just stand and look at something that I think is beautiful for a long time, just take in all its beauty. For a long time I saw this as something bad, that I was superficial who was so drawn to beauty. In the beginning of my life, I was drawn to beauty in an unhealed way, through my ego. Allready as a child I wanted to be a makeup artist and have worked as a beauty stylist for most of my adult life. This is a Matrix where the ego rules. But in order to understand and see the beauty that I do today, I first had to see it from an unhealed perspective. First after my healing process I understood that beauty is something absolutely wonderfull and that this is my gift to share.That pure beauty means healing, well-being and love, when it comes from our heart. I also understood how tied beauty is to me from my time in Lemuria, where everything was beauty and we lived only in just that.

My definition of beauty has changed a lot from before my awakening. Beauty is in everything because love is in everything. The source of beauty is love. Love is what the whole Universe is made of and can never die. It's undeniable.
The flowers are such a great carrier of this source. They are pure love and such a wonderful wonderful gift to us from Mother Earth, from Gaia. The beauty of a flower is absolutely divine.


My soul gift is to create beauty and spread beauty.
Even the meaning of my first name "Linda" is beautiful, pretty and gentle one.

Beauty is a portal to the heart and soul, beauty opens up and finds the way in. My calling is to create that portal, that way in for you to remember who you are; in your light, in your soul and in your heart, to find

I cherish my gift through working together with the flowers and the colours. The interaction between me and the flowers and me and the colors is the way
which I convey beauty, my gift on.


Since I was little I always had a dream to be an artist but I wasn't ready for that dream until I found my light. The artworks that are meant to be born through me have always been meant to bring love and activations and have a high energy and consciousness. Therefore, I have always had a resistance to painting while at the same time having an incredibly deep soul longing. It was only after some time into my awakening and healing that I was ready and it started to flow.

My art acts as a gateway to your heart and soul. It contains energy and activations for your remembrance. My art has a language of its own and it is going to speak to your heart and soul as long as it needs for you to open up. It creates an energy band with you. I have felt really strong energy bonds between my customers and the paintings and it is such a beautiful and magical thing to witness.