When we came to this earth, to Gaia, during the age of Lemuria, the flowers were here to welcome us. They had a deep inner knowledge and wisdom and we learned so much from them. They were our wise elders.
Flowers are total love energy, the sacred essence, the pure heart.

Below you can read channelings I received from flowers where they share their wisdom.


We are brothers and sisters. We are cut from the same cloth. We are made from the same source but yet so different. We all have a unique aperance, from the shade and size of our petals to the twirl of our sepals and the lenght of our carpels. We are in different stages of our bloom, some of us are in bud when others are about to shed their last petal. We work together, non of us is more or less important, beautiful, radient or full of life than the other. Its
a cykel where everyone is exactly where they ought to be. We find comfort and unconditional love from one a nother. We are a ”team”. We shed and we bloom, all of us, together in a never ending circle of life.


We want you to take a deep breath and really just slow down. Acknowledge everything around you, every sound, every sense. Find your deep rots within you, just let the world carry on spinning around you. You are the center of the universe, that deep solide root. See yourself floating on the water, just totally relaxed. Let the water carry you, carry your wisdom, your heart. It holds you if you only allow it. Can you see the resemblance? We float on water, we allow us to live in trust. Trust to be carried. But at the same time we have roots, roots that go down towards the earth. These roots are there to protect us and give us life, they are our own. If we didn´t  have them we would fall apart. By that we mean that we have to be solid in our own, but at the same time trust and let go. That is a beautiful combination of love.


You are beautiful just as you are.
All the beauty you see in me is in you.
I’m mere a reflection of that true
essence that exists both in you and in me and in the entire Universe, the entire Cosmos.
That bold and rich beauty lives in your heart, in your inner temple and no one can ever take it away from you. No one but you.
You are the gatekeeper of your heart.
Always remember that.


Whenever you want to fill up your happiness we are here for you.
We sway and we play in our own little way.
We live without any worries, we live day by day, hour by hour and we dance around with a smile our faces. We love life and life loves us.
We are one big party of happiness and life!
Let us play together. We invite you to dance around and swing with us, feel our loving rhythmic energy. Let the wind fill your hair just as it does with our petals and just sway.
Everything is a rhythmic windy play!


I live my life in peace.
In peace with the seasons and everything around me.
I live a life of abundance and ease as I make my way through life. 
I flow and make it as effortless as I can.
I trust in life itself and that something greater than me is holding me.
The life force runs through all of us and we can either run with it or against it.
The choice is up to us. 


I am the sun, earth and the moon united.
I am my own home, my home in me, and I love wild and free.
I am bold, beautiful and I am me.
I feel the earth pulsing.
I feel the wind in the trees.
I feel the sun on my face and
I feel the moon as in me.
I am part of something bigger, bigger than me and yet I feel as if all is me.
A big sunny sea.