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Linda Vega

Your inner landscape

Your inner landscape

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The balance between the masculine and the feminine.

It's been a long process birthing this painting. The first version contained almost only masculine energy. That was what I realised when I starded painting on it again two years later.  The painting was a bit hard and stagnant, it needed flow and life energy. Flowers started to appear in the painting and I even painted with pink shiny makeup; the feminin energy was coming alive.
I needed to go trough an inner journey in my feminine healing before I could complete the painting and the feminine could be channeled down and expressed through me.
The solid, safe masculine foundation was now a provider for the feminine to feel safe and bloom.
When the feminin and masculine are in balance the wholeness apears.

Acrylic painting, original, 2022/24
70 x 140 x 1,5 cm
Ready to hang
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